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Case Studies and Best Practice

Golf clubs around the state do amazing things in delivering the great game of golf to their community. Golf Queensland is committed to sharing best practice, so this is definitely an area of the Club Support Centre that will be continually updated.

We love to hear of real life case studies from clubs who are willing to share initiatives that have resulted in improving their club performance.

Some examples of these initiative areas might include:

• Membership recruitment & retention;
• Innovative membership models;
• Marketing and promotion;
• Social media;
• Member surveys;
• Community engagement;
• Volunteer programs;
• Staff education and development;
• Partnerships with other clubs or businesses;
• Funding and grants

The case study can be sent in a number of forms; a newsletter article, an email message, a YouTube clip, an annual report article, an article from a magazine or local newspaper or any format that you would like to share.


Club Membership Drive

• Headland Golf Club

Ladies, Let's Golf Case Studies

Ladies Let's Golf encourages new ladies to experience the game either for the first time or as returning golfer looking to re-learn their skills. Numerous golf clubs have been involved with the program. To read more view the following case studies:

• Brisbane and Redland Bay Golf Clubs

Women and Girls Resources

Golf Queensland supports the National Parks, Sport and Racing Women and Girls Resources to improve the participation and recreational opportunities for Women and Girls in sport. The Women and Girls Principles is a resource to assist organisations to implement best practice models to positively influence female participation. The Women and Girls Checklist provides a tool for organisations to conduct a "self-audit" which is useful in identifying gaps so they can develop a plan of action to ensure they positively influence female participation in sport and recreation. Visit the Queensland Government website for more information.

Utilising these useful new resources will contribute to improvements being made for women and girls in sport and recreation as a whole.

Planning to Win

‘Planning to Win’ is a comprehensive publication to guide your club with the development of a strategic plan. Topics covered include:
• What is Strategic Planning?
• What is the best Strategic Plan?
• How does a ‘Strategic Plan’ differ from a ‘Business Plan’?
• How Do We Get Started?
• What is the Role of the Board/Management Committee?
• The Planning Process
• The benefits in developing a professional plan
• FAQs
• Strategic Plan Template – Woodford Golf Club

2011 Planning to Win 2011 Planning to Win (PDF)

Modern Membership for golf clubs

Strategies to attract and retain members:

Club Scorecard (PDF) 

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