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I have a query relating to GOLF Link. Do you have help pages on that will provide what I need?

Handy information on all aspects of the GOLF Link system is available from the following webpages:

GOLF Link FAQs For Golfers

GOLF Link FAQs for Clubs

GOLF Link FAQs for Tier 1

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Other questions on GOLF Link can be directed to the GOLF Link Customer Service Centre (email or phone 1300 650 750).

Can you tell me what GOLF Link is?

GOLF Link is the Australian national computerised handicapping service provided by Golf Australia (GA). GOLF Link commenced operation in 1999 and it calculates all official Australian handicaps.

The system centralises handicaps nationally. Access to the system is gained via the internet using the golfer’s personal 10-digit GOLF Link number. The handicap records of all golfers can be viewed on

The system instantly links 400,000 Australian golf club members and 1600 golf clubs. You can turn up at any golf club, verify your handicap and/or membership of another club, play your round and have your handicap updated automatically.

Can you tell me how my GOLF Link number is determined?

Every GOLF Link number follows a pattern where each numeral corresponds to standardised information. If your ten-digit number were 3579246817, it is made up as follows:
• 3 – State
• 57 – Area/Region
• 92 – The golf club at which you are a member
• 46817 – Your unique personal number at your club

If you contact the GOLF Link Customer Service Centre (email or phone 1300 650 750), you should quote your GOLF Link number.

What about confidentiality of my details?

In accordance with GA's confidentiality agreement held with each golf club, a golfer's personal details are protected at all times unless otherwise expressly permitted by the individual themselves.

What is the cost to a golf club of being connected to GOLF Link?

Golf clubs are charged a per member fee of $2.77 (excluding GST) which is payable to Golf Australia in April each year for the period 1st April – 31st March. (For Victorian and Tasmanian clubs this fee is paid with Affiliation Fees). Golf Australia is then required to pay this fee to a 3rd party who deliver the technical services of managing the GOLF Link database and operating the customer service centre.

How does a club apply to connect to GOLF Link?

In order to connect to GOLF Link a club must first be affiliated to its state association. Once affiliated, please click here for information on applying to connect to GOLF Link.

I’m told that clubs have the choice of two different levels of access to GOLF Link. Can you tell me what they are?

Golf clubs perform their various handicapping and competition administration requirements via one of GOLF Link’s two club-level options:
• The basic GOLF Link Tier 1 operating system.
• A GOLF Link Tier 3 operating system.

- “Tier 1” is currently used by most smaller clubs. It provides all necessary handicapping and competition management services. The club administrator will operate within Tier 1 via the GOLF Link Tier 1 website.
- “Tier 3” refers to the third-party software companies that provide commercial club management software systems to golf clubs.
-These companies are accredited by GA to allow their software to interface with the GOLF Link systems.
- The “Tier 3” companies offer more advanced handicap and competition management services than are provided by the “Tier 1” GOLF Link website.
- Tier 3 companies provide software systems that extend beyond handicap and competition management modules. They offer modules for point-of-sale systems, member account management, club inventory management, personalised score card printing functionality, etc.

Third-Party (‘Tier 3’) Software Providers

The below Tier 3 Third-Party software providers have all been accredited by Golf Australia to use GOLF Link. (Click on the company logos to view: software provider contact details, advice of the different products offered by each provider, and the details of each of these products.)



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