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Membership is the most important element of any golf club.

It's vital the board/committee should understand the rate at which the club’s membership is growing or declining.

Key activities that should be considered by your club include:

  • Are you monitoring membership movements on a regular basis?
  • Are you actively listening to your current members?
  • Are you doing enough to actively retain members?
  • Do you know why people leave?
  • Are you monitoring your new members and those will low 
    activity levels?   These members may be at high risk of leaving!
  • Are you constantly exploring ways you can add more value to your existing members?
  • Are you actively promoting your club?
  • Are you concious that people may be courting your club as they 
    consider whether to join or not?  Are you collecting details and 
    engaging with them?
  • Are you making the most of opportunities to recruit new members?
  • Is your club offering the right facilities, services and membership packages?  How do you know? Have you surveyed?
  • Have you considered the competition from other the clubs and sports?

The resources available for download below will provide you with ideas and templates on how to monitor, retain and attract members to your club.

CLICK HERE: 3-minute-video-shows-golf-clubs-grow-juniors

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