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Victorian High Performance Program



1.     For the application process all candidates are applying to the Golf Australia Tier 2 and 3 programs.  Once applications are finalised candidates will be contacted and informed of their selection or non-selection and which Tier they have been selected for.

2.     All potential candidates must complete and submit the Golf Australia application form online

3.     Applications must be received no later than 5.00pm Tuesday February 26th, 2019.

4.     Successful candidates will be officially announced during the 1st two weeks of March.

5.     Scholarships are expected to commence in March and end December 31st each year

6.     Any questions should be directed to the Victorian High-Performance Program Manager, Matt Cutler ( or 0413 271 176)

The following criteria will be utilised for program selection:

»  Australian citizen

»  All Golf Australia high performance program athletes must have completed - or be in the process of completing - secondary school

»  Results (State, National, International)

»  Rankings

»  Dedication to the process of reaching their full potential on and off the golf course

»  Potential to reach Golf Australia's long-term high performance strategic objectives




Golf Australia Rookie program

Golf Australia Tier 1 program

Professional athletes in the first 5 years of their careers and are tracking towards Top 100 world ranking status.

Victorian Institution of Sport

Golf Australia Tier 2 program


A state identified athlete who has demonstrated an ability to compete successfully at national and international level tournaments and is showing the potential, desire and commitment on and off the golf course to be a future Top 100 ranked professional athlete.

Victoria Development Program

Golf Australia Tier 3 program


A state identified athlete who is showing the potential, desire and commitment on and off the golf course to be a future Victorian Institute of Sport member.

Victoria Talent ID Program

Golf Australia Tier 4 program



A state identified U/18 athlete who is showing the potential, desire and commitment on and off the golf course to be a future Victoria development program member.  Athletes are invited to be part of this program with several camp opportunities taking place throughout the year. 




To create and implement elite athlete preparation platforms and structures which provide the best possible coaching, support service, daily training environment, sports science services and competition opportunities for Australian athletes.


Producing athletes who are capable of winning major championships, Olympic medals and top-100 world ranking positions are the most effective means to boost participation in the game and attract funding to golf in Australia.


Lead by the state high performance manager, the national program is accountable for identification, selection and the long-term development of athletes within the high-performance program. The state HP programs implement the Golf Australia high performance program curriculum, standards, philosophy and culture. 

The state high performance programs collectively form the Golf Australia high performance program. The state high performance program is responsible for case managing each athlete’s daily training environment and long-term development processes.    

Golf Australia must have a clear and integrated understanding of how the athlete is developing and how limited funding is being spent. It is also important we have a close relationship with each athlete’s primary coach and key personal as they are part of the athlete’s journey and an integral part of the overall team.


The Golf Australia high performance pathway comprises four tiers. Funding for service provision and development opportunities increase as the athlete moves through the tiers. 

Tier 1  Golf Australia Rookie Program

Tier 2 State High Performance Program

Tier 3  State Development Program

Tier 4 State Talent ID Program

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